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Columbian Exposition of 1893


As the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ arrival in the new world approached, Catholic educators around the U.S. were determined to claim Columbus as their own. What better way to claim Columbus as their own than to participate in the 400th anniversary which was scheduled for 1892?

Because the planning took longer than expected, the Columbian Exposition or the Chicago World’s Fair, didn’t open until May of 1893. The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur from Massachusetts organized their students to produce shining examples of what Catholic education offered to children across the country.

For example, the students at the Notre Dame Academy in Lowell, Massachusetts created a volume to combine the known information and belief regarding Christopher Columbus along with artwork created by the students.  They won an award for this volume which was on display at the Exposition from May until October of 1893. Unfortunately, after it was returned to Lowell, it was stored in damp conditions for many years and the pages are now rippled. Despite that, it is a lovely example of student work from the Notre Dame Academy in Lowell, MA.

Enjoy this work from 1893. Columbus 1893,

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