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6th Street sisters group early picture Sr Desiree

If you would like to learn more information about any Sister with the Congregation in either New England or California, please contact the Archivists by email, telephone or regular mail.

Nancy Barthelemy
Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur
30 Jeffrey’s Neck Rd.
Ipswich, MA 01938

Kathleen O’Connor
Provincial Archivist
Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur
1520 Ralston Ave.
Belmont, CA 94002


  1. hello i am Josephine, may i know is there any sister who join the “Four Days Canada Tour” from Sunshine Travel in Boston? I take some photo with two sisters and i want to visit them before i go back to Hong Kong on 25th July. Please reply me as soon as possible thank you.

  2. I’m sorry, I don’t know that. This page is generally used to locate Sisters for family research.

  3. I attended St. John’s Grammar School in Peabody, MA from 1960-1968. If possible, could you please tell me where these Sisters are now?

    Sister Richard St. Catherine
    Sister Julie Michael
    Sister Mary Bernadine
    Sister Regina Dolores
    Sister Julie St. William
    Sister Josephine Julie
    Sister Thomas Loretto

    Thank you!

    • I’ll email you soon with the info.

      • There was Sr. Julie St. William who taught at St. Laurence O’Toole grammar school in Lawrence, MA. Sr. Julie also taught piano lessons.

      • I will reply via my work email.

  4. I am looking to get in touch with my friend since high school and at my wedding 29 years ago and who took vows with us on Jan. 27, 1965. Her name is Sister Rita Raboin, SND. I was sister Marita Paul (Sr. Jean Cutlip). By

  5. I am interested in seeing the obituaries for Sister Berchmans Marie and Sister Catherine Imelda (Sister Mary Audrey) Both taught me at Fitton and Holy Redeemer in East Boston.

  6. Could you let me know when Sr. Xavier (Mansfield) died, and where she is buried, please. I searched the cemetery in Ipswich but she is not there. She taught me piano many years ago…

  7. Looking for Sr. Monica and Sr Christine Julie of Cardinal Cushing High, South Boston. I graduated 1965.

  8. looking for my 7th grand teacher sister raymond teresta she taught at st. joseph in alameda california in the 1950’s

    • If she came from the California province, you need to contact the California archivist. I’ll contact you off site with her email address.

      • Thank you for helping me i await your email

      • Hi Toni, I’m not sure what you’re looking for. Do you have a specific sister you need information about?


      • Hi Toni, You should contact the California archivist, Kathleen O’Connor. Her email is kathleen.o’
        Good luck with your search.

  9. Hello,
    I am trying to find information about Sister Elizabeth John who taught 2nd grade at Saint Gregory’s grammar school, Room 2J, in Dorchester, MA in 1963-1964. She was a kind and loving sister who I’ve thought of often over the years.
    Thank you.

    • Dear Ms. Mcelaney, I will respond to you through my work email. Look for my response there.

  10. I am a cousin of Sister Julie Patricia O’Neil. (my father was first cousin to her) I reached out a while ago, perhaps 2yrs ago now.. and would like to connect with her again if possible. Please let me know if she is available for me to either call or make a visit. Thank you!

  11. I attended east Catholic high School in Manchester CT from September 1960 through June 1965. Is Sister Julie St. John still alive?

    • I will contact you regarding Sr. Julie St. John via my work email.

  12. Hi there, I was hoping you could help me. I am searching for information regarding a relative from several generations ago. Her name was Mary Ann Curran and she took the name Sister Thecla. She was possibly born in 1839 in Ireland and died in 1902. She lived at the Academy of Notre Dame in Lowell, Mass. I understand you may not have this information, if not, I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Thank you!

    • Hi Christine, I will respond by email with some information.

  13. Hello, I attended Academy of Notre Dame in Tyngsboro, MA from 1979-1988. I think of many different sisters from those times. It has been so long, but was curious about a Sr. Mary Alice that taught first grade for many years there. She was everyone’s favorite. Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Monica, I will reply through email to your request.

  14. Hello, I really feal that to join this congregation, as a sister, please help me out,,

    • Dear Sarah,
      To learn more about becoming a Sister of Notre Dame, visit and click on Join Us–the tab on the far right. There is information about becoming a member of the Congregation.

  15. I’m actually looking for 3 of my relatives all 3 were Sisters of Notre Dame
    Margaret Rosenberge,r ( Sr. Bernadine Theresa), her sister Mary Rosenberger, (Sr. Margaret Augusta), and Marry Mullett, (Sr. Mary Francis). I know Sr. Mary Francis was teaching Biology at Emmanuel till the 1960’s, and I had found Margaret in a census but I have No idea what happened to them after the 40’s. I knew Sister Frances Bernadine (Sarah Carlow) so Im all set there!
    Thank you so much for any help you could give me! My grandmother was the only one not to join an order and my dad was an only child and I have NO . one in that family to ask questions to!

    • I will check my records and email you [off the website] with the information soon.

  16. I am looking for the obituary and buriel stone of Elizabeth McShane, her religious name was Mary of the Redemption. She was Mother Superior from 1864-1892 at Notre Dame high school Norwich in Norfolk.
    She was my 3x great aunt.

    • Hello Mary,

      Sr. Mary of the Redemption died on July 2, 1893. She had entered the SNDdeN in 1853. I have no information on where she was buried, but know she wasn’t buried in Massachusetts. There is no obituary for her, as there were seldom any obits for women religious in those days. She may be have been buried in Cincinnati, and if so, you can contact the archivist there. Her email is
      I wish you the best with your search.

  17. Looking for sr Bernadette Marie. Taught Beverly mass. In the 1965.!

    • Dear Eileen, Sr. Bernadette Marie Noonan lives in Worcester now. I’ll send you the contact information through my work email.

  18. Looking for information, history, pictures of my great great aunt Catherine Wenstrup – Sister Mary Johanna DOB 2/12/1847 Vows 7/27/1869 DOD 3/7/1918

    • I’ll check on what I have and reply through email to you later today or this week.

  19. I too wonder where Sr. Julie St. John is. She was my English teacher at East Catholic High School in Manchester, CT. Thank you.
    Elizabeth Thompson Walker ’68

    • Hi Elizabeth, I’ll send you the information through my work email.

  20. My sister and I are looking for information (pictures, date of death) on our great aunt Mary Bridget MacNeill. We believe her “sister” name was Sister Marie Gonzaga. She was born on March 18, 1871 in Ingonish, Nova Scotia, Canada and arrived in Boston, MA around 1885. She lived with her parents, Edward and Sarah, until she entered the convent. We believe she might have entered the convent in the 1920s but we are unsure of the date. Thank you for your help.
    Margaret Nolan Lloyd

    • Hi Margaret, Sorry it took so long to answer. I was away on business. I will reply through my work email.

  21. Hi , My name is Eileen Horgan. 3rd Grade. Saint Mary’s Grammar School, Lynn, MA. I am hoping and praying to re connect with my most favorite teacher- ever! Sr. John St. Michael. She changed my life!🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Hi Eileen,
      I’ll reply to your email.

    • Hi again Eileen, I can’t seem to find your email here. Sr. John Michael left the SNDs in 1973. She was born Mary Elizabeth Cuneo and I don’t have any contact information for her.

  22. I am looking for sister Mary T. Coffey. Originally from Brighton MA and entered the order in 1955 at the Waltham MA novitiate house. The last location known was at the Mother House. Interested to know whether she is still in residence and if she can be contacted.

  23. I am trying to remember my 5th grade teacher at st Teresa grammer school in 1959 1960 she was a special nun and i just cant remember her name this grammer school was in providencem rhode island

    • Hi Eleanor, While I have the convent register for St. Teresa’s in Providence, it doesn’t indicate what grade the sisters taught. I would need at least part of a name to narrow her down. If you remember anything feel free to try me again.

  24. Dear Ms Barthelemy, Good morning! I hope today finds you well. I am who I am due to the direction, education, and love given to me at Saint Mark School in Dorchester, MA. I was a student from 1969 – 1977 and later on a teacher at home again! I would like to find Sister Catherine Thomas, SND. She was the wonderful principal from 1974 – at least 1988. Could you help me? Thank you, Donna Vitello

  25. I am looking for a fellow high school student (st. Gregory’s in Dorchester, Ma)—Sister Virginia Therese. Thank you.

    • Dear Sr. Margaret, I will respond through my work email today.

  26. Hello. I am looking for Sister Julie St. William. She lived at the convent on the grounds of Our Lady of the Angels parish in Worcester, MA, as well as teaching at its school. This would have been in the mid- to late 1960s. I remember her so fondly.Thank you.

    • Hi Lynn, I will answer this through my work email.

  27. I am looking for Sister Mary Joachim from the Most Holy Trinity Catholic School in Phoenix, Arizona. Thank you for your kindness in advance.

  28. Hello! I am looking for information about my great aunt Sister Josephine Imelda. What I know is that she was a teacher. And she died at the convent in Somerville, MA where she had lived for quite a long time. Her given name was Grace Foran. She would have been born possibly between 1895 and 1905. She probably died sometime in the 80s. Thank you so much in advance.

    • Dear Jane, I will reply through my work email later today.

  29. Hello, I am looking for information about my great grandmother’s cousin. Her given name was Agnes Valerie Moran. Sister Moran used to visit my great grandmother when I was younger. I have fond memories of her. She died in 1987, either June or July. I think she was living in Ipswich at the time of her death. Unfortunately I lost track of her.

    • I will send you her information through my work email later today.

  30. I knew a girl in high school in Louisville Ky named Marianne Beard. I have recently learned that she is in the order of Sisters of Saint Mary of Namur and is a nuclear physicist. She would be about 78 years old. I also studied physics and am hoping you can tell me anything about her.

    • I think her name may be Sister Mary Judith.

    • Hi, I’m the archivist for the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. The Sisters of Saint Mary of Namur’s website is
      There is a contact link on the left side of the site. Best of luck with your search.

  31. Hello St Joseph’s in Lynn MA. 1960-64. I am looking for info about two sisters. Sorry not sure of whole name, but it was sister Mary something who taught second grade in 1960. Sister Jeanette taught 4th grade in 1962. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you

    • Hi Steve,
      I will reply through my work email.

  32. I would like to know about some teachers I had in elementary and high school. I went to Our Lady of the Assumption School in East Boston, MA 02138 from 1960 through 8th grade graduation in 1967. For high school I went to Cardinal Cushing Central High School in South Boston, MA 02127 from September 1967 to June 1971.
    The sisters I am most interested in are:
    Sister Frances Christine
    Sister Catherine Loretto
    Sister Mary Ellen
    Sister Ann Maden
    Thank you for help in finding them.

    • Hi Cindy, I’ll send you the info through my work email.

  33. Some of the sisters at Assumption East Boston were:
    Sr Marie St Mark
    Sr Marie Daniel
    Sr ann Gerard
    Sr Mary Fredrica
    Sr Agnes Julie
    Sr Agnes Jospep
    Sr Agnes Joseph
    Sr Helen William
    Sr Marie Cecilia

  34. I went to Blessed Sacrament in Cambridge in 1965. Looking for Sr. Marie St. Henry and Sister Mary Elizabeth.

    • I will reply through my work email with their information

  35. Lookimgfor sr Bernadette Marie Beverly mass 1965 at St. John school Beverly Mass 1968

    • Hi Eileen, I’ll send you her info by my work email.

      • Hi Nancy,
        Dif Sister Bernadette Marie also teach at Saint Gregorys?
        Her name was later changed to Sister Elaine.

      • I will reply by my work email.

  36. Good morning Ms. Barthelemy: I am trying to locate three sisters who taught at Julie Billiart High School in Boston during my years there (1967-1970). Their names at the time were Sr. Patricia Mary (taught Latin among other subjects) and Sr. Barbara Therese (taught French among other subjects) and Sr. Geraldine (taught Geometry and other subjects). I would love to know about them. I, along with some members of our graduating class, are planning a 50th reunion and it would be great to have a poster of our teachers or a remembrance “wall” with those of us who have gone to meet our God already.They were very important to me. I thank you for any help you can provide.

    • Dear Ms. Kendrick, I will send you the information through my work email.

  37. Hello, I attended Saint Michael’s School in Exeter New Hampshire. I was wondering about Sister Kevin Patricia. She taught grade seven in 1966. Thank you, Sharon

    • Dear Ms. Sweetser, I will reply to your request via my work email.

  38. Dear Ms. Barthelmy,
    I attended St. Aedan School in New Haven, CT between 1964-1973. I have found information on four of my sisters/teachers: Sister Rose Pauline; Sister Rose Christopher (tap dancing!); Sister Eileen Richards; Sister Ann Judge, Sister Joan Bernier; Sister Jean Marie.
    I was hoping to find out info on other sisters around that time: Sister Louise Marie (gr. 7); Sister Mary Elizabeth (gr.2); Sister Mary Ann Moran (gr. 6); Sister Kathleen; Sister Ann Helene; any others there between those years.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you,
    Catherine Caule
    Ottawa, Canada

  39. For years I have been trying to find Sr. Elaine of St. Mark’s Parish in Dorchester. She was my teacher there in 1970. Can you give me any information? Thank you.

    • I will see what I can find and reply through my work email.

    • I tried emailing you but the email refused to go through. Please send me a link to provide you the information you want

  40. I am trying to locate one of my classmates from Cardinal Cushing Central High School, South Boston MA. Her name is Margaret Nelson. She joined the Sisters of Notre Dame after graduation in 1971. We are planning a high school reunion for the spring of 2022. Would you please give her my email address and/or home address so I can have her name and current information added to our class list. Also, if there are Sisters who taught at Cardinale Cushing while we were there, 1967 – 1971, we would love to have them join us for our 50th+ reunion. Please have them contact me for additional information.
    My information is: Cynthia Homer (Cindy Miles, class of 1971)
    Phone number: 256-289-6473
    Mailing Address: 603 Smith Vasser Rd.
    Harvest, AL 35749
    Thank you for you help with this reunion. We are looking forward to contacting as many classmates and teachers as posdible.

    • Hi Cynthia, I will reply via my work email to your request.

  41. for whataeavaer reason St Mary’s in Cambridge,Mass has been much in my thoughts. It would be wonderful to know if any of the class of 1950 are still around and thinking,too. Sr Berchmans Marie, mentioned in an earlier omment (this set) was one of our teachers, and if it had not been for her guidance, I would never have made it. She was a joy….It would be a birthday joy to hear from anyone from the class of 50…
    My thanks, dear archivist, your job is special….and I’m sure exhausting,too….SiMD de Namur were quite a group…and I’ finally getting to understand their devotion to teaching, and a lot of us little girls/brats. joan K scott.

    • Hi Joan, I’ll answer your request through my work email.

  42. Looking for any information about Highland Heights In New Haven CT, during the years of 1959-1961, most interested in finding the name of the Sister that watched over the youngest group in 1960-1961 she passed away while I was under her care. I have a lot of mixed memories and feelings but she was instrumental in guiding me into the life I lived

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