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Welcome to the U.S. East-West Province Archives of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. The Mission of the Archives is to preserve the unique legacy of the EW Province and to assist researchers in their work. The EW Province Archives documents the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in New England and California.

The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur EW Provincial Archives includes records for:

The Order’s government records, including chapter papers, team meeting records, constitutions and rules of the Order; these include papers from the Massachusetts, Connecticut and California provinces.

Records documenting the Reverend Mothers, Provincial Superiors and Leadership Teams. These include journals, prints, correspondence, photographs, videos, audiotapes and artifacts.

Papers for the Education Missions in Massachusetts, Connecticut, California, Oregon and beyond, including journals, annals, school registers, yearbooks, videos, audiotapes and photographs documenting the history and changes in these ministries. Also included are the records for the Notre Dame du Lac and the Notre Dame Health Care Center in Worcester.

Records for Ministries Abroad, including those in Hawaii, Japan, China, Brazil, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya.

Papers, photographs and artifacts from individual sisters chronicling their ministries, work and lives.

Video and audio tapes documenting events hosted by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, including those born digital.

Artifacts collected and used by the Order since its founding in 1804.

Digital copies of many SND school yearbooks can be found, arranged by city or town, in the Yearbooks page, as well as in the dropdown menu.

More Information can be found in the Finding Aids.


  1. Hi there, about a dozen or so of us from our Alma Mater “St Teresa School” 1966 Providence RI have been trying to remember some of the Sisters of Notre Dame we had back then. Do you know of any archive we can see to help us reminisce and bring back some memories? 48 years ago.

    • Thank you for writing. Yes, I have some records from St. Teresa’s School. Contact me through my email and I’ll see what I have. If I don’t have anything, I’ll see who does.

      • That would be great. I would really appreciate any information you have. Would this be your e-mail address? Mine is robertnp13@yahoo.com

  2. Dear Sister:

    Your Boston Province of Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur sent many Sisters to educate students at three schools in Hawaii during the decades from 1950-1970 when the California Province of Notre Dame took over.

    The schools taught by your Boston Sisters were:
    Star of the Sea School
    Star of the Sea Hight School
    Holly Family School.

    Do you have a list of sisters who taught thousands of students at these schools?
    Due to Vatican II, many sisters were know by two names when the change took place in the late Sixties. Would appreciate any feedback on this inquiry. Thanks.


    • I do have lists of Sisters who served in Hawaii. Do you have any particular sister in mind?

  3. I am writing to you on behalf of one of our parishioners, Ms Joan McGrath, 518 Peachtree Rd, Orlando, FL 32804. She is no longer able to donate and is requesting to be removed from your solicitation list.

    Thanks and God Bless,

    • Hello, I have nothing to do with solicitations. I’m the archivist. You would need to contact the Sisters of Notre Dame Mission Office for that.

  4. Dear Sisters,

    I am very much interested in this hymn
    which I believe was written by one of the Sisters of Notre Dame in 1907.

    Could you please send me the sheet music, and also the name, birth year and death year of the sister who wrote it?

    Many sincere thanks for this!

    God bless,


    • Hi Christian, I have the words for the hymn written c. 1910, however, all that is contained in the hymnal are the words, not the music used for the song. Usually the sisters knew the music by heart so there little need for them to write it down for themselves. Sorry I can’t be more help.

      • Not to worry! The music is on the YouTube link so I can easily transcribe it myself with your permission! Does it name the Sister who wrote it?

      • There is no information on the sister who wrote it. That’s not unusual as most early publications, songs, etc. written by sisters didn’t name them as they were supposed to be humble. And yes, you have permission to transcribe the song. It is in public domain. Enjoy!

      • Many thanks! What would be the appropriate way to credit, simply “Lyrics and music by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur Boston Ipswich, c. 1910” ?

      • The credit would be Lyrics and music by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, Massachusetts, c. 1910.

    • Hello, I just came across your website and saw that someone was/is looking for the sheet music for “Beautiful Angel.” I have a copy of “Convent Hymns and Music as Used by the Pupils of the Sisters of Notre Dame.” The hymn book was published in 1891 and the hymn “Beautiful Angel is included in it. There are no attributions anywhere in the hymn book as to muisc/lyricists. The book I have was published by Rockcliff Brothers Ltd., Catholic Printers and Stationers, 44 Castle Street, Liverpool. Hope this information helps.

      • Hi Christian,

        Thanks. I actually have that in the archival collection but I appreciate you letting me know about your copy.

      • Thanks, it was actually M Parton who had a copy Nancy.

        Thanks to you both!

  5. Hello from Hiroshima Japan.

    I am MK Nunley, My Aunt was Sr. Marguerite Ledwell & I met some of you in Ipswich as I traveled from California across the country & ultimately to Guantanamo Bay Cuba

    I was sure the SND convent was in Hiroshima but am confused as I was told it is 2 or more hours from the Marine Base @ Iwakuni

    Can U s advise if there is an email contact for the convent here & if there is any chance someone there now rembers my precious Aunt ?

    My Mother, Marguerite V. Nunley was her sister

    Thanks in advance

    MK Nunley
    (Still in the Navy Nurse Corps, now working in Okinawa)

  6. Please could you send me information on how to become a sister

  7. I attended Sacred Heart School in 1960-1969 era and many female students went on to Sacred Heart High School, later Notre Dame High School until it closed 1989? Any pictures or records in the archives of this era as I have not been successful in obtaining any. Thank you.

  8. Hi. I am looking for my great aunt. Sr. Mary Pacifica (Agnes Marie Bauler) 1907 – 1989. This is about all I can find on her:

    “A big event, widely welcomed and filled with great preparatory efforts, was the reunion of all alumni of Saint Agnes Schools. Scheduled for July 9, 1983, it brought together men and women from nearly every class. Mass, visits to the school buildings, dinner and dance at the Prom ballroom on University Avenue near Lexington, and various exhibits of photos and memorabilia occupied the weekend. Mrs. James Lachowitzer coordinated the entire program which gave new life to the alumni organization and marked the
    beginning of the Aggie Archives, a quarterly newsletter for all the alumni. The annual giving campaign, sponsored by the schools to provide for the overgrowing needs of maintaining first class instruction, originated in the reunion of 1983. Present for the reunion were many of the School Sisters of Notre Dame who over the past years taught at Saint Agnes. Among those who celebrated various jubilees at Saint Agnes were Sister Nicolette Welter, Sister Adelia Breimhorst, Sister Pacifica Bauler, Sister Rosalie Siebenaler, Sister Celine Koktan, Sister Alcantara Franke, Sister Dora Kuhn, Sister Leona Betzen, Sister Sheila McCall, Sister Leanore Stanton, Sister Felicitas
    Blaeser, Sister Albina Olheiser and Sister Alma Soler.” from this: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56ae37e53b0be3cfbf14c2df/t/57d82683414fb5d1ebefb40c/1473783430939/History+of+St.+Agnes.pdf

    • Hi Deb,

      After a quick search, I see that your great aunt was a member of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, not Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. It is very confusing as their are 3 Notre Dame congregations–the Sisters of Notre Dame, the School Sisters of Notre Dame and the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. They are 3 separate congregations. Unfortunately, the congregation is consolidating their archives, so they are not taking genealogical requests at this time. However, if you want to try to contact for the communications team, maybe they can help. The email is communications@ssnd.org

      I wish you the best with your search.

  9. Hi, I graduated from Holy Rosary Grammar School in 1955 in Lawrence MA. I was there from Kindergarten to the 8th grade. Do you have a list of the nuns who taught there then and information about them. I can remember Sr. Dolores, Sr. Catherine Josepha, Sr. Xavier Marie, Sr. Margaret St.Anthony, Sr. Margaret Justina, Sr. Mary St.George, Sr. Agnes Richard and Sr. Julie Denise. At. St. Mary’s High School in Lawrence I recall Sr. Gabriel,

    • Hi Lenora,
      I will send you the list to your email once I’ve assembled it.

      • Hello again…

        Thank you so much for sharing the content of the SND archives. As mentioned our family grew up in the area of Sacred Heart Parish in Springfield Mass. and the memories hold a special place in our heart, even after the school has long since been demolished. I have also forwarded the link to others who I know would enjoy this trek down memory lane. Great work. Wish we had all taken more photos to preserve what we still give thanks for. Sincerely, R Maher

      • You’re most welcome. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed seeing my site. I’ll contact you by email about your photo request.

  10. I’m confused as to the difference between an SSND and a SND de Namur.

    • Hi Kate,
      They are different religious congregations. The School Sisters of Notre Dame were founded by Caroline Gerhardinger in Bavaria in 1833 and they came to the U.S. in 1847. Their ministry is very similar to the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in that it focuses on education. The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur were founded by St. Julie Billiart and Francoise Blin in Amiens, France in 1804. They moved to Namur, Belgium in 1808 due to conflicts with the local French bishop and are now known as the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. Their focus from the beginning has been the education of girls and the poor. It can be confusing as their names are so similar. Thanks for asking.

  11. Second request: Would you please remove my mother from your mailing list as she is no longer at the address below. She is now in a nursing home and not in a capacity to understand or donate. Please save the cost of your mailings and thank you for your understanding.

    Her information:
    Helen Felice
    1403 West 29th St.
    Erie, PA. 16508

    • Dear Helen, I don’t have a newsletter I send out. I don’t have your mother’s mailing address. I’m the archivist. I’m guessing you should contact the Congregational Mission Office, which you can do by going to http://web.sndden.org/support/supportcmo.html Contact information is there.

  12. Please remove

    Mary Lander
    8687 E Elkin Rd
    Hallsville MO 65255

    From all mailings. She has dementia, no longer controls her own finances, and cannot afford to contribute at this time

    • I am the archivist. You would have to contact the Congregation Mission Office to have this done.

  13. I am looking for a hymn and music for “O Angel Dear I know full well” it is supposed to be in the “Convent Hymns” the Sister’s of Notre Dame. I have been looking for a copy of this hymnal to add to my collection but I have not been able to locate anything online. Is it possible to get a copy of the hymn or even the hymnal?

    • Hi Don,
      I will reply via my work email.

  14. I recently completed a biography of Anthony J. Dimond, an Alaskan politician and statesman. His oldest daughter, Marie Therese, was a member of your order. She became a noted and widely published scientist. Shortly after she passed away I “googled” her and came up with an obituary and a photograph that you had provided of Marie holding a sea turtle (one of her research specialties. I wonder whether it would be possible for me to obtain a copy of that photo to include in the book when it is published? I would be happy to provide a copy of material I have written about her to you if someone would like to see it before giving me permission. Thank you.

  15. Dear Sisters. I have a funeral on Tuesday 6th December. The deceased has requested the hymn Hail St Joseph spouse of Mary guardian of the Saviour child, I cannot find the music sheet for organ anywhere and wondered if you might be able to help. I have found a clip on uTube with the tune but no music. Kind regards Fr. Stephen. frsteve@btinternet.com

    • Dear Fr. Stephen, Unfortunately, I do not have this hymn in the archives. Sorry I can’t be of any help.

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