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Julie Billiart’s Beatification

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I have just recently finished organizing the material focusing on the Sisters of Notre Dame’s founder, St. Julie Billiart (1751-1816). Included with the many documents, pamphlets and books is a wonderful old scrapbook assembled in 1922. From May 11 to May 15, 1922, the city of Namur, Belgium hosted a celebration in honor of the beatification of Julie Billiart, which occurred in Rome on May 13, 1906.

While many aspects of my work are fun, never do I enjoy it more than when I view old photographs. The picture on the left is a view of portion of the parade in Namur during the celebration. On the right, take a look at people. Some are aware of the camera, but my favorite image is of the boy who has turned directly to the camera with a big smile on his face. Though he’s long gone by now, I wonder whatever became of him.

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