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St. Augustine’s School, South Boston

St. Augustines Class of 1913 edited
Class of 1913, St. Augustine’s High School

St. Augustine’s School opened in South Boston in 1895. The Annals describing those first years tell of an overwhelming response to the school’s opening. The Sisters had planned on eight classes, most likely thinking that they would have only elementary age children. The day of registration came and one tale indicates just how overcrowded the school would become:
The Teacher of Grade One for boys conducted to their future class room, seventy-two gentlemen. She thought to win their hearts at once by announcing that they would be permitted to visit the school before going home. The news was received with delight, and Sister, blessing in her heart the docile quiet boys, stepped to the door to answer a knock. A slight noise attracted her attention. She turned to find but six boys in the room. No time was to be lost. Six men and as many boys were pressed into service and soon the seventy-two were seated as before and all avenue of escape cut off.”
The first week, the Sisters had over 600 children enrolled, filling ten classrooms. They had but eight teachers. After much scrambling, they finally had ten teachers for ten classes. For the next three months, the school admittances continued and by Christmas over 850 students filled the school. The first High School Graduation occurred in June 1899.

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